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£15,000 - £20,000
2 Years
Bachelor Degree
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One of the main areas that I work on with my clients is shedding these non-supportive beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that will help them to accomplish their desires.

It is truly amazing the damage that we, as parents, can inflict on our children. So why do we do it? For the most part, we don’t do it intentionally or with malice. In the majority of cases, the cause is a well-meaning but unskilled or un-thinking parent, who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and the message sticks – as simple as that!

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Commitment – understanding the price and having the willingness to pay that price
  • Belief – believing in yourself and those around you
  • Taking action – practice Ready, Fire, Aim…
  • You will drift aimlessly until you arrive back at the original dock
  • You will run aground and become hopelessly stuck in the mud

Education + Experience
  • You will sail along until you collide with an immovable object, after which you will sink to the bottom
  • Clarity – developing the Vision
  • Focus – having a plan
  • Give yourself the power of responsibility. Remind yourself the only thing stopping you is yourself.
  • Do it today. Remind yourself of someone you know who died suddenly and the fact that there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come.
  • Now go push your own limits and succeed!
  • Let success motivate you. Find a picture of what epitomizes success to you and then pull it out when you are in need of motivation.
  • Belief – believing in yourself and those around you
  • So, make the decision to move forward. Commit your decision to paper, just to bring it into focus. Then, go for it!


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