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Use a past defeat as a motivator. Remind yourself you have nowhere to go except.

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Let success motivate you. Find a picture of what epitomizes success to you have already.

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Make a list of your achievements toward your long-term goal and remind your.

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I truly believe Augustine’s words are true and if you look at history you know it is true.

We also know those epic stories, those modern-day legends surrounding the early failures of such supremely successful folks as Michael Jordan and Bill Gates. We can look a bit further back in time to Albert Einstein or even further back to Abraham Lincoln.

There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize only a small percentage of their potential. We all know people who live this truth.

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Motivation is not an accident or something that someone else can give you — you are the only one with the power to motivate you. Motivation cannot be an external force, it must come from within as the natural product.

We all carry a lot of baggage, thanks to our upbringing. The majority of people carry with them, an entire series of self-limiting beliefs that will absolutely stop, and hold them back from, success. Things like “I’m not good enough”

For those of you who are serious about having more, doing more, giving more and being more, success is achievable with some understanding of what to do, some discipline around planning and execution.

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