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We know this in our gut, but what can we do about it? How can we motivate ourselves? One of the most difficult aspects of achieving success is staying motivated over the long haul.

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If success is a process with a number of defined steps, then it is just like any other process.

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The first thing to remember about success is that it is a process – nothing more, nothing less. There is really no magic to it and it’s not reserved only for a select few people.


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Use a past defeat as a motivator. Remind yourself you have nowhere to go except up as you have already been at the bottom.



Having clarity of purpose and a clear picture of what you desire, is probably the single most important factor in achievement.



Trying to go through life without clarity is similar to sailing a rudder-less ship – no good thing can or will happen!


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I truly believe Augustine’s words are true and if you look at history you know it is true. There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize.

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Introspection is the trick. Understand what you want, why you want it and what it will do for you. This is a critical factor, and as such, is probably the most difficult step.


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So, how can we stay on course with all the distractions in our lives? Willpower is a good start, but it’s very difficult to stay on track simply through willpower.


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Success really has nothing to do with luck, coincidence or fate. It really comes down to understanding the steps in the process and then executing on those steps.