Flexible Framework

A blend of Bootstrap 4.1.X and SaSS based solid core framework results in a well-architectured framework which works for all screens and modern browsers.

Code Structure

Clean and straightforward validated HTML5 code. Every function, class, module engenders a selfish attitude which keeps it undistracted.

Boost Up Speed

Node, SASS, Gulp will help to enhance developer speed and makes it easy to manage the application with minimum efforts.


9 Unique Dashboard

We have got nine unique dashboards spanning over multiple domains.


Default dashboard is the one that suits every purpose and needs. It was developed in a way that every domain dashboard needs are fulfilled.


There is our Product – Ciya Shop on themeforest which lays its base in E-commerce. We studied the entire e-commerce market and got to know the whereabouts of the same.

Car Dealer

We have a proficiency of 10 years in Car Dealer and we know the domain inside out. For the same, we made a theme and it has crossed 1000 sales number so far.

Stock Market

This layout is designed keeping in mind the rapid ups and downs of the stock market. It will give an insight into the most lucrative features.


For this domain too, we dived into the minute details. We have developed a Cupid Love template, iOS and Android applications and it was an aid to let us get a good hold on this sphere too.

Job portal

It is designed keeping in mind the needs of any Job portal. It will give you a clear comprehension of the different activities taking place on the site.


This offers a wide range of responsive space specifically meant to accommodate the substantial contents of any CRM.

Real Estate

It is one of the most popular layouts. It is designed to satisfy all the purposes that a real estate website dashboard demands.

Crypto Currency

The statistics in the crypto market change tremendously. And keeping those changes in mind, this dashboard is designed to portray every section with utmost ease.


Core Features

If the base is strong, the building is robust. Have a glance at the core features that makes our base firm!

Bootstrap 4 Powered

The mentor is based on the latest version of the world's most popular front-end framework bootstrap.

Sass Based Application

All the css in mentor is written in SASS which makes it easy to manage the design.

Gulp Task Manager

Separate gulp tasks are written to make it developer friendly to manage the application.

Tons of widgets

A wide range of pre-built widgets to reduce developer efforts while developing the application.

Lots of Chart Options

Mentor comes with lots of chart options such as Chart Js, Apex Chart, Morris Chart etc.

UI Components

Mentor offers a wide range of UI elements compatible with all the browsers to make design user-friendly.

Dark & Light Sidebar

Mentor comes with two sidebar options Dark and Light to get the desired look and feel.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive design which fits on every screen which makes it more user-friendly.

Node.js & NPM

The mentor is powered by node js, and all the dependencies are managed npm which will help developers to maintain the application.

Free Updates

Free lifetime updates will be provided with the mentor at no extra cost.


Once you purchase mentor licence, our expert team is here to help you out.

Pre Build Pages

Mentor offers a wide range of pre-built pages to make your work easy.

Validation Forms

Different form validation is provided with a mentor to help you validate forms.

Calendar Design

Full calendar with the different views comes with the mentor to make task based application.

Detailed Documentation

Mentor comes with detailed documentation to guide you in your application development.



Wide Range of components to add their functionalities for the perfect yield.

  • Alerts
  • Grid
  • Light Box
  • Progress Bars
  • Icon
  • Typography
  • Buttons
  • Maps
  • Dropdowns
  • Toastr
  • Knob Chart
  • Tables
  • Editors
  • Pickers
  • File Upload
  • Charts
  • Range Sliders
  • Date picker
  • Toggles
  • Tabs
  • Notifications
  • Mail
  • Chat

Ready to use Widgets


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