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Schedule Of

Webster Hospital

Room No Department Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
104 Human Resources James K Umur M. David A Rama R R. Phillip Jerrold A
205 Gynecology Umur M. R. Phillip Jerrold A James K R. Phillip Umur M.
106 General Surgery Mark A R. Phillip Rama R Umur M. Adam L Adam L
109 Cardiology Kristin L Umur M. Jerrold A Mark A Anat R Umur M.
202 General Surgery Jeffrey P - Umur M. Kristin L David A Kristin L
209 Haematology R. Phillip Jeffrey P Mark A Jeffrey P Kristin L Jeffrey P
210 Microbiology R. Phillip Umur M. Kristin L R. Phillip Jerrold A Umur M.
305 Oncology Adam L Rama R Jeffrey P R. Phillip Rama R Jeffrey p
315 - Anat R David A - Adam L Umur M. -
314 - David A Rama R R. Phillip David A Jeffrey P R. Phillip
262 Heart Surgery Jerrold A Anat R Anat R Anat R James K Jerrold A
240 General Surgery Rama R R. Phillip Adam L Jerrold A Mark A Rama R

For emergency cases call on : 0-800-123-4567

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