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The Story

Realease date December 25, 2021

Really experience that. See what you see, hear what you hear, feel the feelings. Disappointment? Anger? Frustration? Failure? How does that feel? How do you affect those around you? How do they feel? Absorb every aspect of this path that you can take today if you so choose. Notice everything that you need to know about what it will be like if you carry on with the same behaviour, putting off change. Drift back to where the path splits. Step Five: Now take a step out on to the path to the right...

Read Full story Know what the future holds for you as a result of the choice you can make today.

Directed by : Paul Flavius

About movie


What is the exact sequence of events that will take you to where you want to be? Have a think consciously of what you need to do. Every outcome begins with the first step. When you decide you want to have a romantic meal for two, there are many steps that you need to perform in order for that to happen. Check the fridge, do you have what you want to serve up? No? Find keysopen.

Cast & Crew

Screenplay By: John Doe, Alice Williams & Felica Queen

Based on the marvel comic book by: Paul Flavius And Sara Lisbon

Produced By: Anne Smith, Mellissa Doe, Michael Bean , Paul Flavius, Sara Lisbon

Cast : Anne Smith, Joana Williams, Sara Lisbon, Michael Bean, Alice Williams, Felica Queen, John Doe

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