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Feature List

We have made list of features that comes with form builder. Please check it out.

Powered By Angular Js

Form builder is powered by Angular JS which will increase working speed of your form to great extend.

PHP Dynamic Form Builder

Build with PHP dynamic functionalities, form builder makes it easy for you to create multipurpose forms.

Easy to use

Our form builder is built in such a way that it user-friendly and easy to integrate into any website of yours.

Multiple Data Types

With more than 10+ data types; form builder will allow you to make multi-purpose form super fast.

Cross Domain Supported

With a cross domain support, form builder will allow you to integrate forms into any website you like.

Lead Reports

Form builder comes with inbuilt functionality of lead reports generation which provides reports in the super easy way.

Export To Excel

With easy lead generation reports, form builder also allows exporting to excel as per your needs.

Unlimited Forms

The main feature of form builder is it allows unlimited forms creation. Create Form as and when needed.

Anti Spam Protected

To make your data and leads spam free we provide inbuilt Spam protection in form builder. It will be unique in all ways.

Preview Output

With preview functionality in backend see how your form will look on your site before integrating it on site.

Major Browser Supported

Awesome form builder supports major modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc.

4 Basic Layout

We are providing 4 different colors option to make your forms more attractive and eye catching. To use just change the color.

Ajax Supported

Ajax is integrated into form builder which will help you to get/send data very fast without any buffer/ delay.

Hassle free integration

With few lines of code to be integrated, you can get started with the form builder spontaneously.

SMTP Supported

SMTP support is provided in form builder to see to the fact that your mail system works smoothly without any problem.

Framework Independent

Form builder is built independently and can be used in any framework without any dependencies.

Data Types

Awesome form builder comes with default data types which will help you to make multipurpose forms.


Review the Demos below which will give you an insight of the form builders and its output.


We have made some form builder explanatory video for you to get started.

How To Configure Form Builder

How To Setup Form

How To Integrate Form

Admin Demo

Check the live demo of Awesome Form Builder right here.

Admin Demo

Username - admin

Password - 1234


We have created the documentation to explain how to configure form builder.